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The struggle has been ongoing for awhile now.

I do not like calling it a "struggle" because that has become so cliché, but this has truly been almost one of the hardest struggles in my life. Every single day has been difficult and if you have ever been in my shoes you know damn well how hard it is to convince your mind to stop. To breathe. To rethink how things are.

But more on that later.

The purpose of this is to introduce my vulnerability, my delicacy, and most importantly my truth. I have spent the past six months struggling to balance my life, my friends, my family, and my work and allowed the weight of it to bury me further and further into my bed and away from others. Some have helped me persevere, while others had a more difficult time understanding and chose to move to a different path than what I am on. So I suppose I thank both types of people for getting my mind to where it is today (SURPRISE!).

I spent so much time consumed by why I was not good enough for some that I forgot to realize how amazing I am for others. Yes, it may have taken me an eternity to realize this but no matter how long it took, my mind is in a different place now and I am determined to keep it like this forever.

This isn't some "new year, new me" bullshit; my breaking points just seemed to fall in this timeframe. So I am here to say I AM BACK and I am ready for us to open up, be vulnerable with each other, and help one another along the way.

xo McKenzie

(on the way to o.k.)

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