P.S. I love JORD (and you will too!)

I recently had the amazing opportunity to review and promote this amazing product from JORD. The quality is amazing and the details are exquisite, as you can see in the images and review video I have shared. By far, it is one of my most favorite products and I will continue to promote this company for as long as it is around. The hard work is beaming through these products and once you've finished this post, you will not be able to argue that point. They are breathtakingly beautiful.

The particular watch I am promoting is apart of the men's style which you can find here but there are also women's watches here. Every watch is unique and beautiful on it's own but the options to find and personalize one for your own man are endless.


Most difficulties women have during valentine's day or birthdays are finding unique gifts that their significant other will be in awe over and cherish for the rest of their lives. It is simple to find something they need or something they enjoy as a hobby, but these watches give a twist to the perfect gift and give him something special to look at and remember you by.

The watch shown is Zebrawood and Navy and as you can see, it gives a timeless and sophisticated look to any man and lifestyle. Breion Creer gives a perfect view on how to style the watch and not take away too much from the beauty the watch brings on it's own, but one thing the images fail to show is how deserving he is to receive one of these; just as equally deserving as your man would be!


It is important to treat your loved ones with gifts that show them how much they mean to you and how important their time is to you. This is the best way to show him that you appreciate how much time he gives to you and the amount of love it takes to love you the way he does. This watch is the perfect example of how Breion is such a simple and beautiful person, but the blue face of the watch portrays how unique he is at the same time. So what watch will you choose to show your man how much you appreciate who he is and what he does?

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe


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