A Letter to my Niece

A Letter to my Niece

A Letter to my Niece,

I would not trade being your aunt for anything else in this world and would honestly rather be your aunt than your mom, which I have wrote about before: Reasons Being your Aunt is Better than Being your Mom . It has given me an extremely special feeling and the love I have for you is indescribable, although let me try to describe it for you..

You amaze me.

First, it was your soft noises and the way your eyes would catch on to anything in view. Then it was watching you teach yourself to crawl and slowly learn how to walk, which seemed like a major milestone and it is very clear how proud of yourself you are. Once you started walking, there was no stopping you at all. Your curiosity stuck with you since the day you were born and it makes me so proud to watch you be so extremely interested in the world around you. Your eagerness to learn is never ending and you are the most intelligent child I have ever laid my eyes on.

You make me sad.

I know it is not your fault that this has all gone so fast, and all of the milestones you reached only in the first year is astounding. You were simply curious and your curiosity has taught you so many things. But it is extremely sad to remember how little you were just a short time ago. Every day I wish I could turn back time and no longer wish for the next thing to happen. I should love you in every single moment as you are and not push to see what else you have learned or accomplished. I should appreciate how absolutely and truly amazing you are as you are now, because before I know it you will be grown and not need as much attention. I should hold onto you during the time you still need to hold onto me.

A Letter to my Niece

You give me hope.

As stated, you have learned so much in such a short period of time and I am hopeful for how much more you will be able to accomplish. I am excited for the day you develop your own voice and personality and I am confident you will find clever ways to utilize your growing intelligence. And although I am excited for these things, I vow to start loving exactly who you are as you are now until those things decide to come around.

I vow to always be an aunt that supports you, loves you, and is here for you. Always.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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