The President

I wasn't going to talk about it. And to be completely honest with you,  I still don't want to talk about it. By me sharing my input on it I am adding yet another thing to be read, another thing that is preventing the discussions to be stifled. That is all I want is for the discussions to stop, for people to stop shoving their opinions down each other's throats, for people to stop saying which one should have gotten it after one has already been chosen, for people to understand that it happened and not one person can change it at this point in time. I just want it to stop. But I write on this page to help people and I truly think I can potentially help at least one person with my thoughts.

I am not here to stand up for a particular candidate and I will not ever disclose who I voted for, because frankly it is nobody's business but my own and my opinions are my own; I mean they make us vote in a booth for a reason. Because it is private.

I have had friends get in spats over other friends not having the same beliefs, I have had family members stop talking to each other because they couldn't persuade each other to change their opinions, and I have heard, witnessed, and experienced hateful confrontations from both supporting sides. It is absolutely disgusting to me and I honestly do not value anyone who bases their life choices off of their political beliefs and decides it is logical to lose people over something so minor. You don't gain genuine and caring relationships by choosing who votes the same as you, you gain those relationships by being a decent human being and news flash, many of you are failing.

I honestly didn't want either top candidate to get it and no matter the outcome I would have fear for this country. And that is exactly why I am typing this post. Because many people are petrified. I was up at 3 am seeing posts of people genuinely scared and upset and then woke up the next morning to post after post talking about fear, stating we need to be strong, emphasizing spreading love and not hate. I was sick to my stomach and have felt completely helpless since.  And how can you blame them for their fear? For anyone to hear the things he has said and to be the type of person he wants to do away with, they have every right to be afraid right now.

It is hard to see your friends faces fall when they realize someone who hates their race became our President. It is hard to hear stories about kids going to school scared that they will be taken away. It is hard to see about people being attacked verbally and physically in public just because the new president makes it seem okay to treat people that way. It is hard to see opposite supporters protesting before they even have anything to protest about. This is all so very hard and I feel at a loss for what to do.

The only thing we can do is hope. Hope that President Trump will not actually be as heartless as he said he was going to be. Hope that the changes he attempts will bring unification to our country instead of an even greater divide. Hope that everyone can come together and build each other up, because although we cannot prevent him from doing things he could potentially do, we can make sure that we are strong and doing the right things from the beginning. If we work on ourselves, work on spreading love over hate, and work on how we raise our children we can do great things for the world. It isn't all in his hands, it is very much so in ours.

As situations unfold, the only thing we can do is have compassion. We need to be there for our loved ones who are living in fear. We need to help them be aware that we are here for them and we will support them with every ounce of strength we have. We need to make them see that retaliating in anger is not going to make things better, but can potentially make them devastatingly worse. We need to grab hands as one, as a whole, as a country and work to better ourselves and our divisions. We need to stop hating; stop hating those who are afraid and stop hating those who voted for him. Everyone has a right to their feelings. We have to do this together. After all, his is only one person and there are millions of us.

We can do it.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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