Are you living to survive or surviving to live?

The more responsibility the less deep moments.

We are caught up. Caught up in the beautifully, messy, chaotic whirlwind called life and we are having a hard time getting out of it. Over time we have become comfortable; with work, with friends, with family, and all together with living. We think that what we have is good enough and that is absolutely false.
It is not good enough. Whoever taught us to settle when things seem comfortable was afraid of living. That person was merely surviving when they should have been simply living.
To actually live is to be doing things that light a spark within you and make you excited for every day to come. It is sitting outside in the wind and sun and watching the leaves move on the trees. It is stopping to take a second, or minute, or hour and examine your surroundings; to watch people and things simply happen. It is to take chances with people even if it feels like it is you against the world. It is to take a breath of fresh air or touch the water that is completely still and actually feel the way it feels on your skin and in your soul and watch the way the waves ripple away in perfect circles. Living is knowing that at any second, whether it be unexpected or known, your life could be over. It is knowing that every little thing you do is creating your life and in many ways we are wasting every precious day only surviving. It is understanding that every minute you waste allowing responsibilities to take away from actually living, it can all come to an end in an instant.
If you took a second to stop walking suddenly in the middle of the streets in New York, what do you think would happen? I guarantee you will be ran into, bumped, scolded, or even knocked over by the rush of people trying to get somewhere on time to get things done in order to move onto the next task as soon as possible. There is no better explanation to describe this point than doing just that and it is a major eye opener that this world is consumed by responsibility.

The game winning question is, How do we start embracing life as it is and quit allowing responsibilities to consume us SO MUCH?
We do this by waking up 10 minutes earlier to have some time for ourselves and good book, smelling the pages that have sat abandoned for what seems like an eternity. We do this by taking our work to new locations and relaxing in a beautiful space while we finish a project or paper instead of rushing to get it done at our desk. We do this by setting daily goals to accomplish instead of allowing a daunting list take over our minds and life. We do this by complimenting the girl you think looks pretty today, by reaching out to someone to tell them how much they mean to you, by taking a plunge with someone who unexpectedly entered your life and brought with them a huge spark that makes you question why you are staying where you are comfortable. We do this by stepping outside of our comfort zones, by stopping to take a second to actually see the way life is working, by doing things that make us uncomfortable and striving for nothing but the best.
Quit settling.
Quit allowing a divide of responsibilites come between you and important people in your life.
Quit being afraid of the unknowns.
Quit ignoring the world around you.
Quit sticking with things that don't make you entirely and truly happy.
xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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