The BEST Reason to Love "Love Your Melon"

Love Your Melon is a quick-spreading business that is doing AMAZING things for millions of people. When I first heard about LYM I was hesitant because I assumed it was just another fad, but when I actually learned about the mission behind it all and what happens when you purchase merchandise, my attention was grabbed.

Love Your Melon is a business created to give 50% of all sale proceeds to nonprofit partners in order to support the fight against pediatric cancer. They have partnered with both Cure Search and Pinky Swear Foundation to help fund research, give financial support, and aid in keeping the quality of life for families strong and positive. Both partners accept donations to assist these duties and give families what they need and more to get through a child's fight with cancer.

Cancer has had a major impact on my life and these partnerships really mean something to me. I strongly believe that spending money on these products is worthwhile for a number of reasons. When looking for a hat and spending nearly the same amount of money in a store, why not change directions and buy from Love Your Melon all while helping a good cause?  There are a range of products from hats and beanies, to even clothes and accessories and I think substituting these items for other similar items you would be buying elsewhere is extremely beneficial.

Love Your Melon started with a goal of donating 45,000 hats to children battling cancer and have exceeded that limit and created a new goal of donating 1 million dollars to pediatric cancer research. To this date nearly 75,000 hats and 1.1 million dollars has been donated - which can be life changing numbers.

From coast to coast many colleges have built teams or "crews" to help spread the word about LYM and I had the amazing opportunity to photograph for one on my college campus. The passion and excitement coming from these crew members is absolutely infectious and really shows how willing people are to make such great changes for those children battling pediatric cancer. Another special thing about ordering from Love Your Melon is that you can choose which college campus crew to support and in return these girls and guys get credits toward their crew. These credits help give members LYM apparel to use as well as resources for giving super hero visits to patients. When you purchase your products there is an option for you to click on a specific college and it's obvious that purchasing these items is an extraordinary thing in so many different ways! I strongly reccommend looking into this and making future purchases on these products. It is literally a life changing business.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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