Best Life Tip: Quit Making Decisions that make you Feel Comfortable

We are all guilty of this more often than not and many times people are only afraid of change. We always choose the option that will make us feel more comfortable when in reality the uncomfortable option can be more beneficial to our lives in the long run. You aren't deciding to choose what you truly want, you are deciding to choose what is easy because you are afraid of the unknowns.

You need to start doing the better things for your life, for your health, in relationships, with your goals, and to find your true purpose. Ultimately you should regularly do things that make you uncomfortable or put you outside of your comfort zone because in order for anything to become comfortable period it has to start out uncomfortably. Making the uncomfortable decision means doing things you aren't used to, doing things that are hard, not knowing what the outcome will be; it is putting your heart out there knowing fully that it can be destroyed in an instant but giving it everything you have in order for it to be something amazing.

You choose not to workout daily because you are not accustomed to it. Those who are accustomed to it started when it was uncomfortable and stuck it out through that uncomfortable feeling until it now is something that they are experienced at and it ended up being amazing for their lives. Are you staying home instead of going to the gym because it is something you truly want? Or are you staying home because that is where you can be in control of the situation or where you are comfortable in your surroundings?

You choose to stay with an ex or go back to an ex over meeting someone new because you are comfortable with that person. You know how things go and you know how to handle them. Being with someone new is scary. Learning everything all over again is scary. But are you holding onto the previous person because it is what you truly want? Or are you holding onto them because you are scared of something new?

It takes extreme courage to recognize what in your life needs changed; what you need to start living recklessly for. If you truly wanted that comfortable choice over the uncomfortable one, you wouldn't have come up with the uncomfortable one to begin with. You wouldn't have attempted to workout if you thought the best choice was to stay home. You wouldn't have allowed someone else into your world if you thought the best choice was to stay with someone from your past. The uncomfortable decision is what you truly want, it just takes a positive mentality and a lot of strength to work at it and prove to yourself it is the best decision for your life.

Be straightforward. Be reckless.
Do things that make you feel vulnerable.
Do things that make you want to crawl in a ball.
Love to learn new things and become a master at them. 
Tell people how you feel about them even if they might not feel the same.
Tell people how freaking amazing you think they are and that their mind is beautiful.
Tell people how grateful you are that they exist.
Say, "Kiss me harder", "You're amazing", "You are what I want more than anything I've ever had and I will do anything I can to make it worth the scary thoughts of having something new."
Tell people you need them, you want them, hold them, touch them.
Memorize everything about them you don't want to forget.
Be desperate.
Quit caring about looking ridiculous. 
Say these things that are reckless.
Be reckless.
Make these decisions that make you uncomfortable.
Make these decisions that will change everything.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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