Bad Boys Always Win

Is this how your momma raised you?
Did she say this is the way to be?
Or did she actually try to do the right thing and the power just got to your head over the years?

That's the thing.. you have power. You have power over that poor girl hanging her head low every day to hide from the things you've defined her to as. Your power has that poor girl curled in a ball for hours on end wondering how in the hell or even if she can change this situation and prove to the world you are wrong. But she can't because you. have. power.

The problem with people like you having power is that you will abuse it in any possilbe way to benefit yourself. You will use your popularity to take the first hit and hey, if you actually do physically hit her, as you have threatened to before, it will somehow end up being her fault. You are messed up. You are demeaning. You are toxic. You are powerful.

You have given her a label that she never did anything to earn and you have stabbed her in the same wound over and over again. The same wound that you inflicted.

She will try to avoid you, the topic, and even the entire situation at all cost in an attempt to make it disappear. She'll try everything she can to move past it and get it out of her life when in reality she has every right to argue your lies and fight to prove how horrible of a person you are. But that is not an option because you have already convinced everyone that she is in the wrong and that she has done all of the mistake making in this situation. You have convinced everyone that she is the coward and she is the one who screwed up in order to keep your name up on that pedestal. You have stripped her of her innocence and morals without her permission and left it up to her to pick up the pieces and rebuild the amazing, loving, caring, high-valued person she actually is.

So, you win. The same way anyone else with your kind of power always wins. You won the game and now it's okay for you to feel relieved about getting out of it. But darling, in this catastrophe of a life she won the greatest prize of all - never dealing with someone like you again for the rest of her life.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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