Modern Day Love makes me want to Vomit

Modern day love makes me want to vomit and even calling it love makes me feel like I'm lying to myself and to all of you. It is not love, and if people think it is then the definition must've changed without me noticing. People are afraid. People don't take risks. People are lazy. People make us feel like we are hard to love.

We all grew up thinking one day we would find our true love and get married and we have even dreamed about what they would look like and how our lives would be. But I was fooled and you probably were too. Growing up and falling in love is a trap. It's something to give us hope that growing up is going to be wonderful; but sorry to break it to you, there's a very slim chance of it happening. Things have changed, expectations have become unreasonable, and people are afraid to have feelings.  

We are stuck behind the screen

Phones are an issue. I can even admit that in my life, it is an issue as well. You start "relationships" by "talking" to the other person most typically over text messages which make it so much easier to say nice things and be in touch all day long, but what happened to being reckless? Why can't we face the person who means so much to us and share our feelings while we stumble over our own thoughts and words? Why can't we meet up at the end of a day just to talk about our days so we can actually SEE the excitement or sadness on each others face as they talk about the good and bad? We are consumed by the screen and it is destroying our social skills. It is destroying our ability to process and use actual emotions as they come and go. 

We are required to follow unspoken rules and expectations

When you are texting the specific person you are required to know: 1. not to respond too quickly, 2. but to respond quick enough that they do not lose interest, and 3. to not show too much interest in the person's life or plans each day. You are expected to hold your feelings back and not talk too boldly about them. If you share too much about liking the other person they will obviously be turned off and think things are going to quickly. You should know that. Duh. Because wanting to know where something is headed is a crime right? *insert eye roll* And not only do you have to keep your feelings at a minimum, you also have to steer clear from taking too much of their time. They need space and you acting as the caring person you are and enjoying their company is taking up their space. That's an obvious one too. *insert sarcasm* You have to care but not too much and keep your thoughts at bay. You have to know exactly what they want but not ask too many questions because then you are annoying. You have to not act too happy or interested about things in their life because then you are too attached. The list goes on and on... 

We are selfish and only hunt for one thing

Because people have learned to build up a wall the only option they have is to get the most out of a "relationship" before it ends because it doesn't typically get too serious. We are like vultures only looking for one thing and as soon as we get it we go about our way. We don't use too much emotion when we get what we are looking for because then the other person might become too attached and clearly that isn't how things work anymore. Modern day love is based off of biggest tits, flattest waist, roundest butt, and prettiest face. It doesn't matter to people if you have a beautiful mind and exciting personality. It's based off of what we want and see, not what we feel. We no longer see relationships as investments, we see them as hobbies that come and go as we please and that is absolutely horrible.

So now people are putting a hold on their emotions and becoming heartless. People are fighting back and requiring the same ridiculous things from others because that is what they have had to put up with once. People are no longer going out on a whim and putting their heart on the line because they have lost all respect and trust. People do not seem to realize that when they make decisions with an open heart it ends up being the best thing for them. Why do we have to be like this? One day you might get hit by a car and die. One day might just be your last and you wouldn't have made it as far as you had hoped because you were too scared to tell someone how you feel. We are in control of all of these things and we are in control of how our life story is told. You can either do it recklessly or cautiously. You never know when that car could come.

And maybe I am crazy because I see things differently than everyone else, but I am rooting for a change and I am rooting for people to start putting their hearts on the line again. It'll be hard, but it sure as hell will be worth it. 

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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