Why are you allowing my tattoos to affect you?

Telling someone to not tattoo themselves is like telling a child their painting looks good but not wanting to put a hole into the wall to hang it up.

Too many negative comments swirl around tattoos when in reality it's really just none of your business. Why has society made tattoos- one's way of expressing themselves and their emotions - a bad thing but we can still define someone by the color of their skin or the weight on their bones? It's time to take a step back and realize that what the world is focusing on is ridiculous and we need to reevaluate our priorities when it comes to other people's bodies and what they do with them.

1. Quit making me conform to societies standards

Because society says tattoos are a bad thing we all suddenly think that is the way of the world and we should follow what society says. Nope. Not the case, and to be honest the more you tell me to not do something or if a large amount of people are against something I want to do I will most likely do it even more willingly. Start being yourselves and quit relying on how other people define you. Quit caring.

2. Quit taking away my personality and ability to express myself

If I wanted to cut my hair short it wouldn't be seen as this big of an issue or if I wanted to suddenly start eating healthy people would praise me. I can make those changes to my body and lifestyle but the second I mark my skin with something that means a lot to me you all attempt to make me feel as if I am a bad person. Sorry, I hate to burst your bubble but I am not a bad person and art on my body doesn't define my personality; it just shows what I've been through.

3. Quit telling me I will regret it

If I chose to get a tattoo I am sure I chose it for an important reason and I am even more sure that it means a lot to me personally, so let's do the math: something important to me + artwork that I can admire for the rest of my life = something I will regret? No. That doesn't add up.

4. Quit asking if I know that tattoos are permanent and will last forever

If you truly think I walked into a tattoo parlor without the knowledge that I was about to get art put onto my body forever then you need to define "competence". I guarantee if someone is competent enough to decide to get a tattoo then they are also competent enough to understand it will be there forever. Most people get tattoos with the desire to admire something so well done FOREVER.

5. Quit telling me I will want to hide them on my wedding day

It's your wedding day, your plans,and your emotions, huh? NO. Quit telling me how I am going to feel and how I will want things done because clearly you do not know me. At this point my wedding theme is going to be TATTOOS just so you all can cringe while I say my vows. This is who I am and I will embrace my personality instead of trying to please someone who might not agree with my decisions for a few hours. My day. My body. My problem. Love it or leave it.

6. Quit making it a problem

I am actually not quite sure how any of this ever become a problem in society and the fact that it still is boggles my mind. Those who have a problem with others who get tattoos clearly need something to be mad about.

7. Quit making it your problem. Period.

If you are making it your problem, take a step back and think about what is bothering you so much in your life that you have to attempt to bring down others. Find some dreams to chase and quit being a negative butthead.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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  1. Hear hear!! I totally agree - tattoos are a personal problem, if someone wants to see them as problematic at all!