Why you Should Never go to College for Love

Being told that "you will find your true love in college" is the most typical, forced, ridiculous piece of crap information I have ever heard and I am here to talk you down. I call everything that is a weakness "ovaries" (for example, "shopping ovaries" when you really want something but have to talk your ovaries down - just like wanting a baby, but at the store. LOL!) and in this case we will call it "Husband Ovaries".  It is something that will always be said; it is inevitable, it is blinding, and it is consuming.

You leave for college with everyone urging you to socialize and find your wonderfully handsome soulmate and then when you visit back home all of the same nosy people will ask if you have a boyfriend yet. No Aunt Ophelia, I don't, I won't, and it's none of your business. It has become a pretty large college stereotype: "Everyone finds their husbands in college". Bull-to-the-shit and even if I or any of us did end up finding "the one" why are you telling me to focus on finding this heaven sent man instead of what I am REALLY supposed to be here for?

Not going to lie, I fell into the pressure and for awhile there at the beginning I questioned whether or not that man walking in front of me or the man sitting on the park bench eating a tuna sandwich or even if the man who bumped into me on a skateboard could potentially be my husband and that is absolutely ridiculous. Fortunately I am a pretty independent woman, so I quickly got over those horrible habits, but many girls have a hard time doing that. Many girls get so sucked into finding the man of their dreams that that is all they think about. They don't do their school work. They miss class in order to spend enough time getting ready to look perfect for the boys. And most importantly, they try to change to fit every man's needs.

I am not, let me yell it louder for those in the back, AM NOT going to follow those outrageous standards. I am sick of everyone telling me what the hell is supposed to happen in my life when hey, news check: it's my life and I should be the only one deciding what happens. Myself and every other woman out there should come to college to succeed in our dreams and find who we truly are. If you spend all your time trying to please everyone else because you think that will fulfill your husband ovaries, you are doing it wrong. You will end up lost because you don't know how to love yourself and you have to rely on someone else's dreams because you forgot to chase yours. Harsh? Maybe, but putting ourselves and most important things first is what really matters.

I vow to become successful on my own in every aspect that I dream and then allow someone in my life to ride beside me; not someone I need to lean on for the rest of my life. I vow to go to college to DO COLLEGE and prove to everyone that I can and I will handle it on my own until I feel the time is right. I vow to hold my head up high and be proud of what I am accomplishing and be damn proud that I am capable of doing it alone. Sorry husband ovaries, but you'll have to wait.

Please don't go to college to find your husband. Quit searching and just let it happen. When you lose something when do you find it? Typically you search and search for quite awhile and when you finally find what you lost, it's when you weren't actually looking for it. So, maybe you lost at love or maybe you are curious what its like. STOP LOOKING FOR IT. It will come when you least expect it.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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