The Blog Epidemic

The Blog Epidemic

Lately I have been noticing more and more people I know create blogs, friends of people I know making blogs, and others discussing wanting to make a blog. In the blogging world this is a VERY SCARY thing. For those of us who have been busting our bums to fit into this bubble for quite awhile, it is something that can either make us or break us. I'm not going to lie, my first reactions are to feel threatened. What if this new person can reach readers in a better way than I can? What if they are better writers than I? What if they start with a bigger support system than what I did? All of these questions and more immediately come swarming into my head.

I think the reason why this is so scary is because ANYONE can come waltzing in and steal your thunder. Anyone can come and write about the same content but with a twist and get more interest than yours did. Anyone can come in and make you no longer look important. It is scary. When I started this, the one person I knew with a blog was Jacquie but we were interested in sharing different things. She is a mom and I am a college student, and although we are pretty great friends, our viewpoints are different. That's how it worked for us. Now that people my age and in the same circumstance as me are making blogs, it is mildly frightening. Don't get me wrong, I am here 100% to support other bloggers and hope they can offer something magnificent to every reader, but that is if they are also here to support me and what I have to offer.

1. Be original - do not copy
When you know someone who already has a blog and you decide to start one, make sure your plan and ideas are 100% your own. If you have to question whether you are copying something, it is most likely that you already are. Don't start a blog because it seems to be working for someone else, start a blog because that is something you really want to do. It will not be fun if it's not something you're not very passionate about. Be a wildflower in a field full of corn.

2. Put in the work
We all are working our you-know-what's off to make our blogs successful, so it is important that every blogger enters this world knowing that this is a full time gig. Some people will not appreciate what you post, but others will. If you work hard at what you enjoy, it will show.

3.This doesn't have to be a competition, it can actually be beneficial
Don't start a blog with the mindset of being better than someone. Start it with the mindset of being better than yourself. You have to crave networking and the social life that comes with blogging and entering with a goal to be better than someone will not help you in those aspects. Let's work together. Let's give each other feedback. Let's inspire creative ideas out of each other that will benefit each of our audiences. Let's be friends and make this a powerful thing, not a competition.

"Be like a sunflower: to always follow the sun, turn your back to the darkness, and stand proud, tall, and straight even with a head full of seeds."

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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