How it Feels to have an Unbiological Little Sister

I have this friend who is younger than me and different than any other friend I have ever had. What do I think makes her so different? I think her young and driven lifestyle makes her important, and I think her ability to keep my life happy makes her special. When you become friends with someone with a significant age difference it is more than only friends; it is sisters. You have a special bond with them and feel the need to love and protect them like you would any other biological sister.

It's different than it would be with a biological sister.

When you live with an actual sister there are more disagreements and you don't try as hard to keep things civil because in the end you have to live together and love each other no matter what. When you have an unbiological little sister you tend to work harder to keep things happy and rely on each other for the happiness. When I am down or in a difficult situation I know I can rely on her to bring a smile to my face and listen to my problems without passing any judgements.

 She keeps me young. 

We are at different parts of our lives, where I am trying to build my life and she is still living in the moment. Sometimes it takes spending time with her to remember that I still need to have fun and laugh at the little things. Being with her and having her as a friend (sister) helps me live life to the fullest and I wouldn't want any other person to help me with that.

Sometimes she is the one who teaches me the lessons and lifts me up when I am down.

It doesn't always have to be the older friend who takes care of the younger friend and gives the best advice, many times it is her who teaches me the most important things in life.  From minor things such as fixing my makeup, to major things such as sitting by my side in the scariest situations she has shown me that she is invested in me and that she can be just as mature as anyone else older than her. She keeps me sane, she keeps me smiling, and she keeps me always working my hardest because I know she can be strong and bold in life as long as I am there showing her it is possible. This is what makes us equal, not one is better than the other for any reason.

But most of all, she makes me so very proud.

I am probably going to sound like a mom saying this but I am extremely proud of this girl. Every single day I see her accomplishing things beyond certain expectations and overcoming the same obstacles I went through way better than I ever did. I see a girl who is stronger than I was at her age and can only hope that my struggles help her learn the right way to do things. I see a bright ball of energy that continually radiates happiness to everyone around her and that is all I could ever wish of her; to be happy and make others happy. She is going to go far and she sure as heck is making me work hard to stay right by her side.

We can accomplish everything with the support of each other. We are balanced. We are sisters.

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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