6 Reasons Why Being their Aunt is Better than Being their Mom

Becoming an aunt has been one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences in my life and I wouldn't take a day of it back. As I get to know her more and more and watch her grow and evolve, I can't help but think about how much I love being an aunt. Don't get me wrong, I am sure being the parent is amazing and my sister does a spectacular job at it, but being an aunt without kids of your own is selfish in an absolute loving way. I always think of reasons why I don't want to be the parent, and being the only aunt solidifies those thoughts. 

1. The little things make everything better
Every smile, laugh, hug, or kiss can turn around any day and when you experience these things all of your worries seem to go away. The pure innocence brings so much joy and happiness and can help you remember that life is not a difficult as it seems sometimes.

2. You can see what parenthood is, without the responsibility

You are able to help out and learn the secrets for what helps each child most, but you don't feel the pressure to get it all right. You can try, but deep down it will not be detrimental and you won't feel as if you are failing.

3. You can be a friend - not the parent
This goes hand-in-hand with not having the responsibility, but focuses more on the fun side of things. You can visit with only the intentions to have fun and you don't have to discipline as much as a parent might have to. Messes aren't as upsetting and tantrums aren't as draining because you don't have to deal with them daily, so it is easier to handle in a calm manner. You can enter the situation with plans to have the best time possible, not to teach them how to live.

4. You can spend time with them, but still give them back
Right as you are starting to miss them, you can visit for your fix but can still go home and have the rest of the day to yourself and not have to worry about taking care of yourself AND a child. You are able to make sure they remember how much you love them but still focus on yourself just as much.

5. You can buy the extra, more expensive things for her because you don't have all the expenses
As a parent you typically only focus on buying what the child needs and not going out of your way for the extra things, but as the aunt you can make sure their shoe closet is always full and their accessories are overflowing everywhere. If anyone is going to keep the child stylish, it should be the aunt.

6. You can be a child again
This is the best part about being an aunt, because you can act absolutely ridiculous with them and no one will judge you for keeping the child happy. You can practice swinging to new heights, building Lego creations, and painting beautiful masterpieces all while interacting with the children. Being a child again only helps you relate to the children even more.

Being an aunt is a beautiful thing

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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