What to Know About the Happy and Forever Single Ladies

There are always those one girls; the ones who have learned to live on their own and are killin' it. Yes, you know who you are, and if you aren't one you sure as heck know one! They have so many unique and strong qualities that not many people have because of how they have had to teach themselves to live. They have either been in relationships that changed them completely or steered clear from it their whole lives - but either way they probably consider themselves the Happy and Forever Single Ladies and there are a few things you should know...

1. We are bold, driven, and opinionated (pretty much Queens)

We KNOW what we want in life and we will do anything to get it. We work hard to accomplish things and do it with our heads held high, confidence up, and the mindset of - "I don't need no man!"

2. We don't NEED you to put a ring on it

At this point in our lives we aren't "looking for marriage" and we don't exactly expect our lives to turn out that way. If it happens, great! If it doesn't, we know well enough we can have a fulfilling life without someone by our side. We are great at being the single ladies, but don't forget: if you like it, put a ring on it!

3. We can take care of ourselves

We have been alone for so long, we have learned how to be self sufficient and know that we can live without someone by our side. We know that we don't need someone to come save us, but someone entering our lives would be more like a bonus. We know what makes us happy and don't need another human in order to bring that happiness. If there is a problem, we figure it out on our own.

4. We guard our hearts very strongly

We most likely have been through something that has changed us drastically and probably broke our hearts completely. When going into things now we have a strong guard on our hearts in order to prevent the same thing from happening. We eventually quit guarding them, but it takes a lot of loyalty to prove we aren't going to be hurt intentionally.

5. We are very critical of any potential relationships

We will criticize every aspect of something before deciding that it is something we want entirely. If only one thing seems off we will end it and move on without them. We don't want someone who has the potential of leaving or who will not treat us as anything less than the best, which may be why we choose to be single so we don't have to worry about getting rid of someone constantly.

6. Once we believe you won't destroy us, you will see a side that you never knew was there

Because we have made the choice to be single for so long we know how to have fun, how to take care of ourselves, and how to be selfless enough to have someone in our lives. We come off as tough and careless about how we feel but as you get to know us you will see exactly what we have to offer and how hard we have worked to make ourselves the best possible people.

7. We are extremely independent

We are able to do things on our own and do not need someone holding our hands or telling us what to do. We know that we can get things accomplished without help and when we don't succeed we keep trying.

 8. We always know when to have fun

Whether we are alone, with a few friends, or in a large group of people we are not afraid to have some fun. We know how to make any situation a good time and can always finish a day in a good mood (even if it started out shitty). Laughing and living life to the fullest are the things we feel most passionate about and if we can't do that on our own, then we aren't able to handle the single life.

9. We slay the single life but wouldn't mind having someone here every once in awhile

Since we have done so well on our own, we don't need someone here but it wouldn't hurt to have someone there to laugh at our jokes every once in awhile and tell us we look pretty. We aren't looking for a clingy relationship but something where we can both still be our own people and enjoy each other at the same time.

10. We love our beds

You may think this is a joke, but it is absolutely true. We love taking up the entire bed, love sleeping in the bed, and love doing homework in bed. It is basically our best friend and we don't need someone else in it to a make it inviting (although sometimes it wouldn't hurt to have someone to lay with).

11. We know how deeply we are able to love

We know what we have to offer and we know we will do anything to be the best for someone. We know how it feels to want someone there so when the chance arises we will do anything in our power to show them we can love them with everything we have. But although we can love deeply, we don't want to share it with just anyone and will choose to be single over having someone ruin it.

12. We care so much but might not show it up front

Last but not least, we are some of the most caring women you will meet. We come off sassy and strong but deep down want the absolute best for you. We care about everything and most of the time feel the same things you feel even when it doesn't affect us. We will do anything to keep people happy and if we do anything wrong it eats us alive. We may not show it, but we really do care.

 xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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