Top 4 Ways to Up your Instagram Game


Let's talk about Instagram for a hot second. Now, I am not a "Professional Instagrammer" but I have done a large amount of research, reaching out, and observing to learn a few things that mostly every newbie on Instagram is missing. I am still working on all of these aspects, but they should be a piece of cake once you get in the habit of them. It is an extremely fun app to have and can pose many opportunities for everyone - as long as their goals are to find opportunity. If you are there only for the fun of it, this blog post may be irrelevant to you.

1. Hashtags

This can be used on multiple social media platforms, but is one that is very commonly misused. Let's take a step back and reevaluate what hashtags are truly for. Back in the day hashtags were used to categorize specific items and their groupings and eventually started being used on Twitter to bring together specific groups. As it has evolved, the hashtag has slowly become a way for people to connect and to find other things related to the specific hashtag.

You can most definitely hashtag #every #single #word #on #your #caption but that will not reach people who are interested in the same things as you (or in other words, people who might follow you if they find your content interesting). No one is going to click the hashtag #love because that brings too many diverse options (love is a very common thing) but would be more likely to click on #boxersofinstagram because it will bring up exactly what they are looking for. What you should be doing is tagging your captions with common and specific tags that others are using and clicking on to see what is trending under that hashtag.

If you take my blog for example, I use #MyDarlingCatastrophe on every post that is linked to my blog, so if someone were to click that hashtag they could go back and see every single Instagram post related to my blog. I also use #MyDarlingPuddles on every picture I post of puddles, and other grammers can eventually use that same hashtag on their pictures of puddles and receive shoutouts on my page using their pictures. Some other common hashtags I use are #bloglife #lifestyleblogger or #ontheblog - so then I can extend my content out to other bloggers who might not be following me yet. Confusing? Think about it as a way to bring more followers to your blog. If you tag wisely you will reach the right people.

2. Networking

This could go hand-in-hand with hashtags, but I want you to step back and think about what your actual goals are for your IG account. Are they to gain followers/likes, or meet new people, or just to post photos for your own personal memories? If you are the one who wants to meet new people and raise your follower count, you should pay closer attention to networking.

Most people post their picture and hope it is good enough to reach 11+ likes but then stop there. Instead, you should be commenting on other people's pictures and liking everything that interests you on someone else's account. Don't let this come as a surprise, but the more you like someone's content, the more they will like yours too and if you follow people (even those you do not know) who have the same interests as you they will most likely follow you back too. You can also use hashtags and tagged locations for networking with others who are interested in the same things as you or who are in the same area. All of these things bring more followers to your content and the more YOU reach out, the longer they will stick around.

3. Filters

Instagram's filters ARE pretty handy you have to admit, but one way to stand out from the millions of other people you should consider downloading another photo editing app to edit your pictures before posting. It will make your pictures more unique and make you stand out from other people, ultimately drawing more people to your page. A couple of my favorites are A Color Story by A Beautiful Mess and VSCO - both of which are very good quality and easy to work with. Once you get comfortable with another photo editing app, you will have your favorite settings and before you know it your Instagram will have photos that all follow the same theme.

4. An account that depicts you

Many people only post pictures for memories (which isn't a bad thing!) and share any picture that they took that day whether it is good quality and fits the theme of their account or not. One main thing to get people interested in you is the type of content you share. Not only should it be something others can relate to, but also something that is nice to look at and matches the overall theme of your IG account. Look at other popular Instagram accounts and determine what stands out to you on their page and what you think is making their page popular. You should take a minute to think about what your goals are, who you want to reach, and what kind of message and theme you want to share.

These four tips are - in my opinion - the top easy fixes you can make to your account in order to diversify your page and increase your number of followers. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them!

xo McKenzie - My Darling Catastrophe

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